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High-resolution aerial drone imagery

Our high-resolution aerial imagery provides you with large coverage and extreme preciseness. Thanks to our drones’ payload capacity, we are able to carry a broad range of high-res cameras effortlessly. Moreover, our drones are capable of capturing incredibly detailed images, enabling property owners in Atlanta to map larger areas with supreme accuracy.

In addition to property management, our drone services in Atlanta, GA can be used for a variety of purposes such as aerial surveying, industrial inspection, and more. Finally, the full wireless control of drone cameras lets you define ISO, shutter speed, etc. with great ease.

Drone Thermal imagery capture

Our thermal drone imagery lets you perform safe, quick, and cheap inspections. We have the most advanced, reliable, and precise drone cameras capable of executing flawless inspections using thermal imagery right from the first flight. Once in the air, our drone cameras can capture precise images of the heat emitted from the following:

  • People, animals, and plants
  • Buildings (both commercial and residential)
  • Liquids and gassesAll types of land

Machinery, engines, vehicles, planes, ships, etc.
We use high-end cameras that can detect heat differences from different objects and translate them into meaningful imagery quickly.

Drone Orthomosaic maps

An orthophoto or orthomosaic map is an aerial photograph created out of multiple photos to give a precise representation of an area. These images are geometrically corrected and are used to measure true distances.

  • Our orthomosaic drone services are used for several purposes in Atlanta, GA, including:
    Mapping cities, malls, and schools
  • Documenting crime scenes
  • Mapping after disasters
  • Mapping properties

Realtors use these maps to create precise and detailed images of properties, which helps them to make quick sales.

While orthomosaic maps offer plenty of benefits, they are particularly helpful for covering large properties because it can be difficult for prospective buyers to inspect entire details of properties when they are so vast.

Scalable drone pilot network

Our scalable network of pilots can make the job of property inspection easy for you. We have a team of skilled pilots with tons of experience in doing indoor and outdoor property inspections using detailed aerial images taken from unique angles.

Moreover, our skilled pilots can help you detect structural flaws at your property. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and it is our experience that gives us an edge over our competitors in Atlanta, GA.

Drone Services API

As the leading drone service provider in Atlanta, GA, we strive to make massive changes to the industry. For this reason, we have created a Drone Services API which has enabled us to enter markets we had never considered. Moreover, it is helping us create a seamless network with our clients. The best thing about our API is that it is extremely flexible and integrates directly into your system which gives our clients increased freedom to find the right service with ease. Finally, our API is built to meet your unique needs which is something other APIs in the market lack.

Drone Data Analytics and Measurements

Our data analytics and measurements enable us to provide flawless drone services in Atlanta, GA. As our client base continues to grow, we must provide the details of our work to keep them pleased. And this can only be done by gathering necessary information through data analytics.

Using analytics also enables us to build a clear understanding of how your property is likely to perform in the market. Based on that data, we help you make wiser decisions regarding your property.

Top Benefits of Using Drone Services in Atlanta, GA

Drone cameras are being widely used by military, governments, and commercial users for aerial imaging and mapping. The latest advancements in technology have made these cameras more affordable and efficient. As a result, even common people are starting to use drone cameras for recreational purposes.

Below, we’ll take a look at the top benefits of drone cameras for property management to help you understand the usefulness of this technology. Let’s dive in.

High Quality Drone Images

Drone technology is famous for providing high-resolution aerial images and videos featuring extreme details. This data is then used to create 3D images and maps which have several handy uses. For example, 3D imaging of a property helps you identify areas that are in need of repair and allows you to fix them before they get severe.

Drone Photography Accuracy

Since drone cameras are unmanned vehicles, they can be maneuvered to unique angles and precise locations. This feature is beneficial in a lot of situations. For example, when conducting an indoor inspection of a property, you can maneuver a drone camera to tight spaces and areas where other equipment can’t reach.

Similarly, if you own agricultural land, drones can fulfill a range of your farming needs such as spraying fertilizers and spotting infestations.

Drones are Easy to Deploy

The majority of modern drones are easy to deploy and can be operated without a lot of experience. Plus, their low costs have made them accessible to a variety of operators. Also, their ability to fly at low altitudes makes them an ideal tool to navigate through areas that are hard to reach.


If your residential or commercial property is on sale, then a drone can be used for advertising. According to a survey, listings that feature drone footages are sold faster than those without. As a landlord, this is extremely beneficial as it saves you from wasting time on other modes of advertisement.

Drone Surveillance

If you own a large property, using a drone for surveillance can ensure the protection of your people and place. A lot of property owners use our drone services in Atlanta, GA for surveillance purposes as it comes without manual labor. Plus, you get a wider view. Not only this, but drones are an eco-friendly invention which makes them completely safe for people in your area.

So these were some of our top services and benefits of using drone cameras. If you have any queries regarding this technology, feel free to get in touch with us at your preferred hour. We’re always available for you.