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Interactive Tours Vs Street View

While Google Street View offers amazing virtual tours for people who do searches on Google Maps, sometimes a little more personalization is needed.

For instance, you may want to highlight a particular part of your store or business. You may want to provide information or facts about your business or home. These are considered limitations for Google Street View.

With an Interactive 3D Virtual Tour, the possibilities are endless. Interactive 3D Tours, or ‘ID3T,” are tailor-made virtual tours that can tell a story. Not only can they be considered informative, but they also offer great features which make navigating through your business or home as easy as clicking or tapping a button.


Be More Informative

With interactive 3D tours, you can give a background story for people to read before entering the tour, sort of like an ‘introduction.’ You can’t do that with Google Street View virtual tours.

Add Your Logo and Branding

We can add your logo to your virtual tour and pin it to the top left, so that your logo is always visible. In fact, we can add your logo to many other parts of your virtual tour.

Add Audio

Your virtual tour can include audio clips throughout the tour. Think of it as visiting a museum and being offered a pair of headphones to get more insight.

Virtual Hot-Spots

By adding an animated bullseye over any part of your tour, you can pull the viewers attention to something specific. When they click or tap on the bullseye, a pop up window will open that can be customized to the max.

Add Youtube Videos

Add Youtube or Vimeo videos if you have them. This is great for companies who have infomercials or anything else and want people to see it.

Add Photos and Photo Galleries

Sometimes the virtual tour doesn’t tell enough, perhaps still shots or photos are needed. That’s not a problem.

Mobile Friendly Virtual Tours

Interactive virtual tours are always mobile and tablet-friendly. You can be sure that the virtual tour experience will be optimal, no matter what device your client uses.

Before Considering an Interactive 3D Virtual Tour, There are some things you should know

Since these types of virtual tours are not supported by Google, there are some extra steps and costs involved that are not related to the service. Don’t be alarmed, it’s really not a big deal.

Google API Key

You will need to register a Google API key which gives you permission to use Google technologies.

Paid Hosting

Hosting, although very affordable, is necessary and is not free.

Read more about the technical details here.