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360 Virtual Business Tours is a Google Trusted Photography agency that provides photography services across the country. We don’t settle for making pictures, but commit our vast personal, artistic, and technological resources to making the most impactful presentations to meet every need — creative, personal, commercial, and more.

Drone photography from 360 Virtual Business Tours leverages all the technical advances of drones by combining them with our technical and photographic skills with your imagination to deliver impacts where and how you need them.

You know the old saying — a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if the picture is the same old picture that’s been seen time after time. From the same angle and perspective. If that’s the same old picture, what are the words people will hear along with them? Lackluster? Good enough? Mundane? Don’t settle for good enough, lackluster, and mundane. Let 360 Virtual Business Tours’ drone photography services show your images from new perspectives and angles to drive home your messages and stories in ways people have never seen — and can’t ignore.

Drone photography gives photographers and subjects access to locations, perspective, and angles that generations of picture makers have never had the freedom to imagine. Here are four settings in which 360 Virtual Business Tours’ drone photography services can make sure your stories are heard — and your images are seen — above the noise.

Drone Services

Drone Exploration

Have you heard about the observer effect? It’s the idea from the realm of physics that mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes that phenomenon. What’s this got to do with drone photography? Set aside physics for the moment and consider the beautiful images available but — until now — out of reach.

Drone photography allows photographic exploration of the natural world in a way that nature is not interrupted or influenced by the presence of the photographer. The herd or flock is not startled by the presence of a human observer, but captured in it’s natural essence. The fields of wheat or snow are pristine except for the breath of your subject. The majesty of a slope’s peaks is not interrupted by anything other than the breath of a breeze. With 360 Virtual Business Tours, you have access to candid images of the entire environment limited only by your imagination, and cluttered by nothing at all.

Drone Personal images

Generations of photographers have sought the perfect angle to make the perfect picture of the perfect moment — proposals, celebrations, private intimacies, discoveries, births, and deeply personal moments. Until now, photographers have almost always been limited by gravity and the fact of being a potentially observed observer. 360 Virtual Business Tours’ drone photography services releases you from gravity and status as an observer.

Suddenly, for example, you can make a picture of the birds’ eye view of a proposal or an embrace in complete discretion and encroaching or trespassing upon the intimacy of the moment. What images would you make if you were not tied to Earth by gravity? 360 Virtual Business Tours can help you unleash your personal and creative imagination.

Drone Sales and marketing

There are only so many ways from the ground to make pictures of a side-split with a two door garage, or that 15 acre lot on the banks of the river. If you or your clients make a living by telling stories about the possibilities of property and places, we can show you new ways to tell those stories. That picture from the road that shows the house behind the trees? It’s lovely, but imagine showing the same image from above and through the trees’ canopy, with the birds caught in flight against that backdrop. Or that collage that shows the house in relation to the ocean? Effective, but what if you could fly your viewer from house to hills to shore to sea in mere moments while telling the emotional story of those movements?

So far, we’ve talked about the outdoor world, but you don’t need — when imagining the stories that 360 Virtual Business Tours’ drone photography services can help you tell — to stay out there. Explore indoor spaces, too, from every angle and perspective in ways no one has considered because you simply could never get to that point of view — until now with our help.

Drone Investigation

There’s imagination and there’s curiosity. Drone photography is limited by nothing more than technical understanding — which we have in droves — and imagination, which our clients and partners indulge every single day. Beyond imagination, though, what are you curious about? Drone photography services can help you pierce the unknown by rendering the previously unseen knowable.

  • Are you a law firm investigating a remote or close but complicated accident or crime scene?
  • Are you a property owner curious about the condition of certain acreages?
  • Are you a farmer concerned for the state of crops?

Whatever you want to investigate — in the capacity of a lawyer or law firm, property owner, farmer, or any other role — drone photography services can bring the unseen into view.

While drone photography is becoming increasingly accessible, there are still significant barriers to achieving the most impactful results. Some of them are the significant financial investment required in drones and picture making technology, investments and training in technologies of flight and photography, constant investigation of new equipment and accessories and resources, and the need to keep all equipment and technology secure and in good repair. For many people with stories to tell and images to share, these barriers are just too high.

360 Virtual Business Tours surpasses all those barriers on behalf of partners and clients. Let us worry about all the equipment and technology required. Focus, instead, on writing the stories you want to tell so we can help you capture the images to make sure your stories are heard — and remembered — above the noise.

To learn how 360 Virtual Business tours can help you to tell your stories with our drone photography services — limited only by your imagination and not even gravity — contact us so we can help.