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Virtual Tour Company in Atlanta

Since 2011, 360° Virtual Business Tours® has been creating virtual tours for businesses throughout the Atlanta, Georgia Area. All this, thanks to Google’s street view immersion program that allows virtual tours inside of businesses to be viewable on Google Maps. Back in 2011, Google Maps took their ‘street view’ technology which allows you to go from street to street, and started a program where photographers could get certified, or ‘Trusted’ so that they could bring this technology to small businesses.

What no one suspected at that time was how effective of a marketing tool it would be, nor how successful the virtual tour industry would become. Now business owners all over Atlanta GA are jumping onto this trend, which will unlikely ever fizzle out. In fact, Atlanta brick and mortar businesses owners who don’t have a virtual tour could actually lose sales to competitors that do, according to a new study.

This is because a virtual tour allows people to ‘go inside’ your business from the comfort of their home, their tablet or their cell phone. Think about it: How many times have you been driving around looking for a place to eat or shop using Google Maps? You’re not alone. There are thousands of Google Map searches being conducted in Atlanta GA every single day.

Why Virtual Tours Are an Effective Marketing Strategy

When someone locally searches for a service that you offer in the Atlanta GA area, your Google Maps business profile has the chance to stand out from other competitors with the addition of a virtual tour. If you’re not taking advantage of this cool feature, then your competitors most likely are. That’s because research has shown that Google Map business profiles in the Atlanta area who have virtual tour photos included in their media gallery have a tendency to make people stay longer on your listing. The longer they stay on your listing, the less time they are spending on your competitors.

Pay Once and it’s Yours Forever

One of the best advantages however is the amount of money you’d save having your own, personal virtual business tour. With most marketing tools, you must come out of pocket yearly for one expense or the other. With a virtual tour however, all you’re really doing is paying the photographer for their services (which includes taking the photographs, stitching them up and uploading them to your Google business page.) and never worry again. That’s because Google will ‘host’ your tours on their servers free of charge, for lifetime. That’s right, there are no hosting fees to have your virtual tour up and running over the internet.

Leave the Virtual Tours to a Professional, and Not an Amateur

It seems as with everything else, people will find a way to make things easier, and faster. While that could be beneficial for some industries, business owners would lose out on this one. The introduction to virtual tours has brought about the invention of “360 cameras.” And with these cameras, you now have a lot of people in Atlanta trying to profit off of the industry by purchasing a cheap 360 camera and looking for businesses to do a virtual tour for.

A 360 camera can never compare to the quality and resolution of a real DSLR camera. Of course, most Atlanta business owners don’t know the difference, and why should they? That’s why it’s always important to ask your Atlanta Virtual Tour company what kind of camera they’re using. It’s the difference between a pixelated, blurry and poorly lit virtual tour, and a fabulous, high resolution virtual tour. Which one would you prefer to represent your business?

Why We’re Your Top Choice for Atlanta Virtual Tours

Along with our decades old experience, we use the proper camera gear to shoot your virtual tours. We believe in creating a high-quality product, so we will never use a ‘360 camera.’ We use only DSLR cameras. Also, we take the time to clean up the noise from your virtual tours. This means camera tripod shadows are removed, cracks in the walls are photoshopped out, and distracting obstacles are removed, thanks to our experienced photo editors. This is a feature you won’t find in most companies out there. Yes, we go the extra mile.

Virtual Tours for Restaurants in Atlanta

There may be many reasons for wanting a virtual tour for your restaurant in Atlanta. Perhaps your restaurant is surrounded by many other restaurants. Or perhaps your restaurant is tucked away inside a shopping plaza, where it’s difficult to get noticed. Or it could be that you are wanting a virtual tour for your restaurant simply because of how beautiful it looks from the inside. We hear from many Atlanta restaurant owners and restaurant marketing managers who are well aware that Google Maps is the key to bringing in new restaurant patrons.

People are searching for places to eat in Atlanta every single day using Google Maps, and it’s likely that your restaurant may show up in the results. With 360 Virtual Business Tours, we can create 360 tours that will be visible to all your visitors, enticing them to give you a try. Next to having great reviews, it is a well-known fact that photos are the very next thing someone looks at when visiting your profile on Google Maps. Here is a great opportunity to display your virtual tour so that clients can move around your restaurant from space to space.

Expert Photographers for Atlanta Restaurant Virtual Tours

Since 2009, we have only used the very best in camera equipment, ensuring high-resolution virtual tours for Atlanta restaurants. Our DSLR cameras are complimented by our expert photographers who know and understand the food and beverage industry very well. We know what customers are looking for when viewing your photos, and we take extra measures to make sure that your restaurant virtual tour is something that will generate new clients.