Project Description

Virtual Tours for Gyms


Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your Gym

360° virtual business tours for gyms (In this case “The Little Gym”) can be very beneficial for your visibility.  First off, when you have your gym photographed by our professionals, your virtual tour will get uploaded to your Google Maps listing, along with our complimentary stock photography photos that both combine to make for a very attractive first impression.  We say first impression because Google Maps is usually where you’ll first get discovered.

Getting a Virtual Tour for Your Gym Puts You Ahead of the Rest

What better way of breaking down the walls of objections than by having a virtual tour be the cause of a pre-approval? That’s right, you can have people already sold on your gym, while avoiding your competitors, simply by offering a view of what your gym looks like inside.  If your competitors don’t offer a virtual tour, then the chances of a prospect spending more time on your Google Map listing is increased.

About This Gym in Particular

The little gym is a franchise located throughout the South-East region of the country. They have classes for little ones who enjoy tumbling and flipping around.  Since we had a daughter who attended one of these gyms, we became quite close with the owners.  Eventually, the owner asked us if we could shoot a 360 tour and we happily obliged.  As the year went on, we’ve heard that their level of sign ups have increased and a lot of it had to do with the owners being able to guide interested callers to their Google Maps listing and show them around, right from their phone!

Ready for Some Virtual Tour Fun?

There are 2 bathrooms in this facility.  Can you find both?  If so, let us know where they are in the comment section below!

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