Project Description

Toy Store Virtual Tour


Benefits of a Retail Store Virtual Tour

360° virtual business tours for retail stores (In this case a wonderful toy shop) can be very beneficial for your visibility.  First off, when you have your store photographed by our professionals, your 360 virtual tours will get uploaded to your Google Maps listing, along with our complimentary stock photography photos that both combine to make for a very attractive first impression.  We say first impression because Google Maps is usually where you’ll first get discovered.

Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

For many reasons, we have discovered that retail stores are usually hidden gems that are lost by their outside surroundings.  Sometimes you are in a stuffed shopping plaza along with a ton of other stores.  Other times you could be inside of a mall, or off of a busy highway.  Most of the time, people are driving by your place every single day and have no idea of what’s inside.  The beauty of a virtual tour is that you’re able to show Google searchers what you have to offer inside. You can even embed your tour on your website to make it even easier for them!

About This Retail Store in Particular

This had to be one of our very first virtual tours that we shot back in late 2014.  The store is an explosion of visuals every which way you look. Just a wonderful store with so many cool toys, not the normal stuff either.  They had scientifical toys and collector stuff.  The owner was very careful and meticulous to make sure every toy was perfectly in place. Even years after creating this tour we still get a lot of compliments on it.  Although we think that the beauty of the store did most of the work. ;)

Ready for Some Virtual Tour Fun?

You’ve picked out a garment, but now it’s time to try it on.  Can you find the dressing rooms? Let us know if you did it in the comment section below!

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