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Preschool & Childcare Virtual Tour

Preschool & Childcare Virtual Tour Company

Nowadays it’s more important than ever to have a virtual tour of your business. In particular, Preschools and childcare centers have learned to adapt to our new way of living by offering virtual tours of their facilities. By having a virtual tour for your business, you are giving parents the flexibility to tour your school or daycare ‘virtually’ via their computer or mobile phones.

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Your Virtual Tour on Google Maps

Our virtual tour photographers are also Google Street View Trusted, which means that they are your connection or bridge, to your Google Maps local profile. With this type of certification, we are able to upload your virtual tour once it’s completed.

Having your virtual tour on Google Maps makes your preschool or childcare facility instantly stand out from your competition. Once a prospect engages with your Google Maps page, and discovers a virtual tour, chances are that they will spend more time on your profile. The longer they navigate through your tour, the higher your chances of them giving you a call, making this a wise investment for your business.

More Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your Business

A Virtual Tour offers convenience. In such cases where a person is traveling and cannot visit your school for a tour, you can simply send them a link to your virtual tour. Having every single room photographed allows you to point the parent to the exact classroom their child will be spending time in. This allows parents to visualize their child attending your school, which only increases the chances of a keeping them as a long time client.

And with a virtual tour, you are able to send pinpoint locations of your facility with ease. From pre-k to age 5, there are a lot of classrooms. How convenient would it be to send each parent a unique view of their child’s classroom?

Is Your Preschool or Childcare Safe?

If so, then why not let the world know it? Simple small details such as locks on doors, gates, fencing, security cameras can all be picked up when viewing a virtual tour. These are the types of things parents are concerned about. Sanitation is another concern. Use a virtual tour as an opportunity to display hand sanitizers on counters, tissue boxes, and clean bathrooms

Kids Love Playgrounds!

And so do parents. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to make sure our photographers capture and include it with your virtual tour. Parents want to be assured that their child is not only learning, but is also having fun. Let them envision their children running around in your playground.

Google Business Photos

Along with your virtual tour comes a complimentary set of Google Business Photos. These photos are pictures of your facility, all in high resolution. While we conveniently upload these photos to your Google Maps profile page, we also give you the set in a handy zip file. Use these photos for your website, your marketing brochures, or however you like!

Why Choose Us?

While there are many companies and freelancers in our industry to choose from, there are also a lot of sand traps to watch out for. Be sure to ask any company if they are bonded and insured? You do not want a clumsy team of photographers entering your facility and damaging your property. Does the company you choose use real DSLR cameras or do they use cheap 360 cameras that produce low-resolution virtual tours? Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee? We answer yes to all of the above. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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