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Benefits of an Auction or Estate Sale Virtual Tour

360° virtual business tours for auction houses or estate sales can be very beneficial for your visibility. There good be 2 great reasons to invest in one:

  1. If you have your tour created early enough, you can sell the heck out of it by posting your virtual tour across all your marketing avenues. There’s no shortage of ideas on how to market your tour. And what better way to have your visitors navigate around our virtual tours before the sale date?
  2. After your sale is over, keep your virtual tours to display to new incoming clients on all the exquisite items your company auctions off.

Perfect for Estate Sales!

Let our photographers arrive to your estate sale about 2 weeks before it starts. That gives us enough time to produce your tour and enough time for you to start marketing it. Put the virtual tour as a signature in your email, put it on your Facebook page, on your email campaign and even on your website. Let the frenzy begin well before the estate sale even starts!

About This Auction House in Particular

To be honest, we had no idea what to expect when we entered the building. From the outside, you’re talking about a real busy highway which exits right to this place and the entire area looks rather industrial. Once you walk in however, you are in awe about all the busy beavers running around setting up and getting ready for the big auction. We were called in to create the 360 virtual tour ahead of time and couldn’t help admire all the great stuff going up for auction. See the tour for yourself!

Ready for Some Virtual Tour Fun?

There is an old rocking play horse built for kids a long time ago! Good luck finding it! Let us know if you find it in the comment section below!

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