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Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your Sports Bar

Sports bars, pool halls and billiards are the type of business that are popular all year round. If you own or run one, a sports bar virtual tour would be perfect for your business. For one, you’ll find that a lot of your of competitors probably do not have one. Instead most sport bar photos which you’ll find in their Google Maps profile are usually just camera phone pics from restaurant patrons. In other words, low budget, poorly shot photos that prospects are evaluating before deciding whether or not to visit your establishment.

Another Great Benefit of a Virtual Tour For Your Business is if Your Business is Easy to Miss

You may be located inside a shopping center, inside a mall, off the freeway, where thousands of cars pass by daily but never know that you’re there. A virtual tour will show people what your place looks from the inside. It’s actually the only way to get it out there to local searchers.

Virtual Tours for Sports Bars is the Marketing That No One Is Talking About

For one, you’ll only pay once for this Marketing gem. That’s right, no yearly fees or hosting fees. Once we shoot your sports bar virtual tour, it’s yours to keep. But just think about how many people are searching for somewhere local to have drinks or to have a burger and a beer. They find a list of search results. They spot one that has a virtual tour where as the other sport bars do not. Ask yourself, “Are you inclined to spend a little more time on the one with a virtual tour?” Is that extra few minutes spent on your listing worth it to you? Of course it is.

Consider an ‘Interactive’ Virtual Tour

Google Maps virtual tours are great for your Google Maps profile. A more ‘interactive’ virtual tour however, may be more up your alley. With an interactive virtual tour for your sports bar, you are able to move directly to an area thanks to a navigation menu as opposed to having to ‘work your way’ through the establishment. With an interactive virtual tour, you’re able to highlight areas of interest with pop-ups and attention callers, otherwise know as ‘hot-spots.’ With hot-spots, you can highlight a feature in your sports bar that perhaps helps you stand out from the other competitors.

You are also able to embed these cool virtual tours onto your website and have people ‘go inside’ right from their computers.

Highlight Your Billiards Room with a Virtual Tour

Have a billiards area in your sports bar? A virtual tour is the perfect way to showcase it. Sometimes people are looking directly for a place to play pool. They might do a search for ‘billiards’ and find lots of sports bars. But to find a sports bar that has a virtual tour of the pool tables will really seal the deal! The same goes for other areas of your sports bar. Perhaps you have an arcade area or ‘karaoke’ or stage area. The possibilities are endless.

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