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University & School Virtual Tours Jam-Packed With Features

The possibilities are endless and your virtual tour can convert views into student sign-ups. It’s literally that easy. With so many features, you will wow your visitors and offer many calls to actions in order to capture those leads. The best kept secret in University marketing is here, and we help bring it to fruition. Let’s go over a few features that no other marketing tool out there can offer.

Aerial Views of Your Campus

The best way to grab the scope of size of your school or university is from the sky. This is a view only made possible via a virtual aerial view, one that can spin in 360.  Display breath-taking views of the surrounding areas with our virtual tours. 

Points of Interest Hot Spots

While we’re up here in the sky, we can create what’s called “hot spots.” These are hard to miss pins that can be tactfully used to call attention to your areas of interest, such as libraries, dorms, visitor’s center, sport facilities and more. 

Navigation Menus

With so many areas to visit inside of a virtual tour, this process can become overwhelming. Not the case with a navigation menu, which can be used to perfectly group areas together and make it much easier to move around from area to area. It’s also a great way to display how many buildings, classrooms, courtyards and everything else your school has to offer. Categorize the hierarchy of your navigation menu by floors, by departments, or however you like. 

Pop Up Messages

Don’t be fooled by the name. They don’t really pop up like annoying pops ups do. Instead, when you land in any given area, we can place a “floating” message that can be used to describe the area. In this message area, we can enter text, links, forms, videos, photos and anything else you can imagine. 

Layouts, Blueprints & Floor Plans

We can place a floor plan complete with hot spots so the viewer knows where they are at all times. It’s a feature that your clients will love. 

VR Mode

Have a VR headset? It’s one of the most amazing virtual tour experiences. Your viewers will feel like they are actually there in person. We offer VR mode for your virtual tour!

Analytical Tracking

For all the people who love analytics, you can track visitor interaction, number of hits, user behavior and much more. Use this as a tool to perfect your marketing.

Password Protection Option

If you want to keep your virtual tour private, you have an option to password protect it. This is perfect for those who want to charge an “admission fee” in order to get access. 

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