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Benefits of a Restaurant Virtual Tour

360° virtual business tours for restaurants (In this case an American Sports Bar) can be very beneficial for your business. First off, when you have your restaurant photographed by our professionals, your 360 virtual tour will get uploaded to your Google Maps listing, along with our complimentary stock photography photos that both combine to make for a very attractive first impression. We say first impression because Google Maps is usually where you’ll first get discovered.

Best Time to Shoot a Virtual Tour

This is actually completely up to you! When asked for our opinion on the matter, we put it to them like this: It just depends on what you’re going for. Do you want to showcase your beautiful restaurant and want all the focus on only that? (Such as the example above). Or do you want to capture the buzz your restaurant creates when it’s full of people. On our end, it makes no difference either way. If your patrons are in our shot, we simply fuzz out or blur their faces.

About This Restaurant in Particular

It was about as miserable weather as you could ask for. Just cold, windy and rainy. However once you step in you are immediately stunned by the beauty of this huge restaurant. They were just about to have their grand opening. We really wish them the best of luck! While spending our time there, the owners were gracious enough let us eat as much as we could take when photographing their menu dishes. We cannot express how delicious the food was!

Ready for Some Virtual Tour Fun?

Can you figure out the 2 NFL teams playing each other on the tvs?! Let us know if you can it in the comment section below!

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