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360° Virtual Business Tours® offers complete virtual tours for:

  • Daycare centers
  • Kid gyms
  • Kid craft centers, and;
  • Even private and public schools
  • A virtual tour combines 360° panoramic rotating images to provide a complete view of a space. Potential customers can view your space on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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Benefits of a Virtual Tour

A 360° Virtual Tour provides additional visibility for your daycare center or school.

Parents are able to “get a feel” for your space without distributions to their busy schedules. Virtual tours can include narration or points of interest.

Parents Want to Know How Safe Your School is

Potty-training parents will be interested to see how close restrooms are to the classroom. Virtual tours can show if a school has classroom doors or joint open-concept rooms. Highlight your classroom hand-washing stations. Parents will be pleasantly surprised to view your indoor gym for kids to enjoy during inclement weather.

Professional Photos

Our team of professional photographers are certified to take photos on behalf of Google. As a result, we are able to upload your virtual tour to Google Maps. Photographs will also appear on the Google Local page for your business. Complimentary still photos accompany the tour and provide parents more insight into your location.

Furthermore, parents are more likely to engage with a daycare or child-based business that includes a virtual tour. According to Google Maps, businesses with street view and virtual tours have positive results.

  • Businesses with registered search listings are 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable
  • Generate twice as much interest by adding photos and a virtual tour to your listing
  • Consumer map searches result in 41% continuing for an on-site visit
  • Full search listings, with 360° Virtual Business Tours® photos and tours, seem as reputable 94% of the time

Equally important is that you own the photos. There are no renewal or hosting fees. You are also provided with a zip file of all your panoramic photos to be used for additional marketing efforts.

Share Your Virtual Tour on Social Media

Parents complete thorough research before trusting you with their children. Hence, it is vital that you make a great first impression. Use the panoramic photos provided by 360° Virtual Business Tours® to utilize the Facebook 360 photos feature. Parents can take a 360 spin around the nursery room, art classroom, or gym area.

Additionally, use your photos to create an animated GIF of your virtual tour. Animated GIFs for are great for posting on your Instagram and Twitter business pages.

Follow our detailed instructions to share your entire tour on Facebook or to create GIFs.

Photographing your Facility

Our photographers work around your schedule and aim to be as inconspicuous as possible. Photoshoots do not require special lighting, so it is possible to shoot your virtual tour in the evening or weekends when your facility is closed. And don’t worry, most photoshoots only take about an hour.

Most 360° virtual tours focus on the main areas of your business where children will play

We can avoid your business office or staff breakroom. The goal of the tour is to illustrate to parents where their children will be spending their time.

The safety of children visiting your facility is paramount to us. We are parents as well. With this in mind, children will NEVER appear in your 360° virtual tour. If the photoshoot occurs when children are present, the images will have their faces blurred out.

Have any questions? Call us at 678-542-4394. We would love to visit your daycare center, school, or art studio to discuss how virtual tours can help your business.

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