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Benefits of a Virtual Tour for your Chiropractor/Medical Center Office

If you’re an orthopedic or chiropractor, you are most likely inside of a building where it’s difficult to know what’s really going on inside your business. The benefit of a virtual tour is that you can allow people to have a look inside and get a real feel for your practice. Too many times, people are just driving by your business, not having any idea of the personality or appearance of your facility. A virtual tour is a great way to show them the inside without even having to step inside your business.

Your Competitors May Already Have a Virtual Tour

The Chiropractor/Orthopedic industry heavily favors virtual tours all across the country. If you don’t have a virtual tour yet, you are probably falling behind your competitors. If they don’t have a virtual tour, then it’s even a better reason to call us today and book yours today.

Having a Virtual Tour for your Business Increases Your Chance of Connecting With a New Client

Did you know that 94% of people who view your virtual tour (commonly known as ‘Street Maps’) are more likely to view you as an established business? You are also more likely to get chosen over your competitors. Also, you are 29% more likely to increase motivation to consumers who are considering using your services. The study was conducted by Ipsos MediaCT and could be viewed here.

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