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Photography Services

Our 360° Virtual Business Tours® come with a complimentary collection of 10-15 still photography shots of your business. But this doesn’t always include things that you may want. As an example, your complimentary shots usually include pictures of your business decor, storefront, menus, food plates, business cards, awards etc…

But you may want to go a bit further. We could take still photography shots of your building, staff members, patrons and much more. Or you may want to go beyond our complimentary shots and go for a full album of photos. We can handle that too.

So as a business owner, it is essential that you:

  • Make sure you even have a Google Business page up running and verified.
  • Make sure that your profile is fully completed with updates and correct information.
  • Add a link from your website back to your Google Local page.
  • Be proactive about getting people to leave reviews on it.

How to Use Your Photographs

Your complimentary shots will be added to your Google Local page. We will also make sure you have a zip file of those pictures. Our pictures are given to you in the highest resolution size and colors for you to use for the purposes of:

  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Internet marketing efforts
  • Ads/billboards
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Much more
  • Also, ask us About Our Other Services Such As:
  • Google Business View (Virtual Tours powered by Google Maps)
  • Website Design/Redesign
  • Google Pay-Per-Click Management
  • Tourdash Upgrade Packages
  • Google Local Page SEO Optimization
  • Marketing Videos for your business
  • Still Photography
  • Aerial Photography

Staff Photography

A lot of time we get asked if staff photography or portrait shots could be included with the photo package above.  Unfortunately, portrait or staff pics uses an entirely different ecosystem than the type of photography used for taking architecture.  It is for that reason that we cannot include those kinds of pictures.  The good news is, however, that we DO offer portrait and biography shots and even staff shots.  If this is something that you are interested in, please let us know as every project is unique from the others.  But we generally need to know:

  • What type of profession is it for?
  • How many members are in your staff?
  • Are you interested in full staff photography?
  • Do you have a good area in mind to take the photos? (Since all our shoots or done on location and we cannot offer a studio)