The Odder My Job is, the More Fun I Have

Shooting a 360 tour inside a medical lab

Shooting a 360 tour inside a medical lab

As a virtual tour photographer, I have the absolute pleasure of stepping inside the world of other people’s work environments.  I walk into their job with my trusty camera and tripod and sometimes secretly imagine myself working there, all the whilst performing my job, of course.  I kind of get to see it all.  From car dealerships, veterinary clinics, to restaurants, my job gets to bring me everywhere.

I recall one job where I had to wear goggles for protection.  Another job I had required me wearing a hard hat.

This job in particular asked me to put on a medical lab coat before I was allowed to step into their lab room.  How awesome was that?

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a quick selfie before I stepped inside.  It was for a nuclear medical facility and I was in the presence of scientists and lab workers.  Now THAT was pretty neat!  In the end they told me to take the lab coat home with me.  They told me that it makes for a great painting smock.

There Are Lots of Reasons to Have a Virtual Tour

You may wonder why a medical lab would be interested in a virtual tour.  There are many good reasons. For one, you get go give people who otherwise are not permitted inside a glimpse of your lab station.  Anything that is confidential is usually blurred out by us in post production.  A lot of research facilities depend on the generous contributions from donors and sometimes these donors want to see what it all looks like inside.

Is Your Business Eligible for a Google Maps Virtual Tour?

Contact us today to find out.  There are a handful of small steps to make sure you are eligible to display a virtual tour of your business onto Google Maps.  We have outlined some below:

  1. Your business must be verified on Google Maps
  2. You must have a brick and mortar business
  3. If your business allows the general public to come inside, then this is a good option for you
  4. If you have a place worthy of showing to the public, then this is for you

As far as this 360 virtual business tour is concerned, check back soon to see the final results!  We are putting it all together in our own lab!