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How many times have you done searches using your mobile device? How many times have you searched for a place to eat, or a place to get your oil changed? It’s a fact: most people are doing searches from mobile devices.

Our 360° virtual business tours are not limited to desktop browsers. They are totally mobile friendly. In fact, it’s super fun to navigate around a tour using swipe, pinch and zoom, and double click actions from your phone.

Mobile/tablet friendly Google Street View Virtual Tours

We are always excited when we get to see the “wow” faces of people who never heard of our services before. Whenever we make a presentation, it’s usually on our mobile devices since carrying around a laptop can become a hassle. In fact, viewing a business tour can even be a better experience on a mobile device because the navigation and graphics of the tour are stunning.

We usually let the prospect hold our phone and they instinctively swipe their way around our example tour. They are so amazed at how cool it is, especially from mobile devices. Why not get your Google Business View today and show it off to your friends by embedding it on your website, sharing the link across all your social media profiles? You can even use them on your email signatures. Now people can finally appreciate the aesthetics of your business from the palm of their hand.

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