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What is Google Street View?

We all have become very familiar with Google Maps. We know how to click and drag our mouse around to enjoy 360° virtual reality views of the road. Even on our cell phones, we expect to pinch, zoom and swipe our way around our city streets and always feel a sense of admiration for street views which we are all too familiar with. Google Business View combined with our 360 Virtual Business tours, allows people to do the same thing—pinch, zoom, and walk around—inside businesses.

In an effort to keep pushing the boundaries of the search engine market industry, Google has raised the bar yet again and is now tapping into the market of hungry business owners who are looking for advantages at every angle to stay at the forefront of their industry. Google My Business allows those businesses to tell clients “I am proud of my business and know you’ll love us too!”

Google Street View Now offers “Trusted” Photographers For Small Business Virtual Tours

Using the same Google Maps technology, people searching on the web for services can now discover not only your profile, but can get a very interactive 360° virtual tour. That’s because Google Street View has just taken it one step further and is bringing Street View inside retail stores and businesses.

These Trusted Photographers have earned a badge from Google that allows them to create virtual tours for your business. While there are many trusted photographers out there, many are not bonded nor insured and many do not use the best possible equipment to bring you quality virtual tours.

We started 36o°-Virtual after noticing many poorly photographed virtual tours out there on Google Maps and thought about how we can make a difference. Creating high quality, high resolution virtual tours takes more time and more resources, which many freelance photographers are giving up in favor of high volume, low-budget sales.

Advantages of Having Your Own Business Virtual Tour

Just think about the all the advantages a business owner has, for a second. Whereas before your business could have blended in with every other competitor with all the boring photos, business descriptions and promises, now people have a real reason to hang around and research your Google My Business page, website, and business.

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Chances are the longer they stay on your Google Maps page, the better the chance of them doing business with you. With so many thousands of businesses out there trying to reach the same clients as you, you need every advantage you can get, wouldn’t you agree?

Is Your Business Eligible for Google Street View Virtual Tours?

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine if Google Street View virtual tours is right for you:

  • Do clients or customers come inside to your physical location?
  • Do you take pride in your place of business?
  • Does your place of business have charm or personality?
  • Do you have a Google My Business page?

If you answered yes to these questions or at least to most of them, then you are definitely a good fit for a Google Maps Virtual Tour. Don’t have a Google My Business page? No worries, let our experts set that up for you. Your virtual business tour will be featured there for all the world to see.