It’s an unfortunate and unstable situation that we’re all going through. A lot of companies have the misfortune of having to shut down because of new social distancing rules. Staying apart from other people is the best way to ‘slow the curve’ and reverse the climbing numbers of  COVID 19-affected victims. During this pandemic, we should all act as if we are all already infected, or are ‘carriers’ of the virus. That type of mind state will make us all think about our daily actions such as where we place our hands, who we’re interacting with, how to sneeze or cough properly, etc…

There are some who think that perhaps all of this is being blown out of proportion. I respect their opinions, but my opinion is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. For that reason, I am taking every precaution to not only not get infected, but to not infect others around me should I be an asymptomatic carrier.

With all of that being said, I believe there is still a way for us virtual tour companies to stay in business. If things are conducted carefully on our side, as well as on the customer’s side, business can carry on as usual.

How Can You Shoot Virtual Tours During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

By being very careful and almost neurotic. Virtual tour photographers are fortunate in that the job does not require much social interaction. In most situations, we work when the business is closed anyway.

Why Now is the Best Time For a Virtual Business Tour

As I stated above, the job description usually requires for us to work alone, and also work while the business is closed. This is because usually no one wants to see people walking about in their tours. A lot of times, having people in your virtual tour can get out of hand. It’s almost impossible to have people not move or sit still. The slightest movement could cause blurriness as if the person is in motion, and that is an irreversible situation.

Being that your business is most likely closed now due to the Coronavirus, this presents an excellent opportunity for us to shoot a virtual tour in your establishment. We don’t have anyone to really worry about and neither do you. Us photographers tend to be ‘recluse’  creatures. We usually work alone and rarely have a need to work with another person. With that being said, here are some rules we would abide by should you still be interested:

Before Our Arrival

  1. At the time of the shoot, we would prefer that only one person is there to greet us and unlock the door for us. This will most likely be the only human interaction.
  2. The person who is to meet us should not show any feverish symptoms. If you are feeling feverish, you probably should stay home anyway.
  3. We, the photographers will not work if we are feeling sick or feverish.
  4. We also will not work in anyone in our family is sick, and we ask that whoever is to met us, to do the same.

How We Conduct the Actual Virtual Tour

  • Before our arrival, your place of business should be ready for us. (See our ‘things to do before our arrival‘.). When we arrive, we could meet outside and discuss anything you want the photographer to know.
  • From there, the business owner should allow us to enter and start the tour. It is recommended that the owner go somewhere close, perhaps take lunch, or wait by their car, for us to conduct the photo shoot.
  • When we have completed the tour, we can call or text you so you could make your way back.
  • We would leave from there and allow you to lock up behind us.

In Conclusion

If we all take safety measures to protect ourselves and others around us, shooting your virtual tour should not become a hazardous task. Have an idea to add or a question? Write your thoughts in the comment section and let us know what you think.

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