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What is Aerial 360°?

We have all become somewhat familiar now with a 360 virtual tour. 360 tours are now widely available for your business or Real Estate and they allow the viewer to move around your your place as if you were actually there. But sometimes even that is not enough. For that reason, we are now including Aerial 360 degree photography/video as part of our new service. With our Aerial 360 services, we are able to take to the sky and give breath-taking views of your property from high above, to offer your viewers a unique perspective.

How Can a 360° Aerial View Help My Business?

Nowadays people have almost grown used to “expecting” to see a virtual tour of your business or Real Estate Property. It’s a great feature to bring more attention to your business or to get your property sold. But if you really want to turn it up a notch, why not let your prospects see all that goes on “around” your business or home and all of the surrounding areas? Now they really get a chance to take it all in and will find many conveniences from knowing the entire area as opposed to just the property itself.

Add Your 360 Aerial View to your Google Maps Page!

With all the growing advantages of having your business verified on Google Maps, they are now allowing 360 photography to be included in your image gallery. While you may have already known this, what you may not have known is that 360 Aerial Photography counts! Allow our photographers to photograph a beautiful aerial shot in 360° above your place of business. We will then edit and stitch the photo so that it is crystal clear and eye popping, and we will then add it to your photo gallery on your Google Maps business page. You will be sure to not only wow your prospects, but to get your competitors wanting to keep up with you.

360° Aerial/Drone Photography for Your Place of Business

Just think of it- the saying goes, “Location location location.” If your business is sitting in a prime location, why not let your viewers know? Why settle for just a regular virtual tour of inside your building? With an Aerial 360 shot way above your building, people are able to see the surrounding roads and interstates that you are close by to give them a real good indication of how close you are to them. They may find other things to do before or after visiting your business and plan a whole trip around a visit to your business. You would be amazed at some of the stories we hear about here at 360 Virtual Business Tours. The best part is, we make it very affordable! Set it and forget it!

360° Aerial/Drone Photography for Your Real Estate Property

Nothing sells a home faster than providing a virtual tour of your Real Estate property. Being able to go inside, move around from room to room is amazing. The same goes with Hotels and Resorts. But what sells the property is the location, and thanks to new technology, we not only can take a still photography shot of what’s above your property, but we’re able to make it spin in 360, as if you’re almost flying in the air. This will provide footage that was never available before but is now. Show off your beautiful neighborhood, the nearby lake or community pool. The possibilities are endless. Contact us today so that we could put a plan together for you.

360° Aerial/Drone Photography for Work

You may be in the construction business or home improvement business and you may have a real need for not only aerial shots of the surrounding area for the purposes of surveying land, but you may have a need for unreachable points of view only possible with the help of a drone. Whether you need the photos to be in 360° or just crystal clear still images, we have you covered. Sometimes you need to have a good shot of the roof, or a structure that’s on the roof. Our licensed drone pilots could work hand in hand with your project managers to accomplish whatever it may be you are needing to get done. Let our ability to capture images from a bird’s eye perspective help you accomplish whatever your project requires.

How Do You Shoot 360° Aerial Photography and is it Safe?

In a word, yes. Our experienced photographers use the power of drones to shoot the surrounding area of your property way above in the sky. We take over 24 shots from one position. We then bring back those photos to the lab and we stitch them together, forming a panorama. The only difference is that this panorama was taken from the sky, and not from the ground. We then edit the panorama to make it super sharp and crystal clear in an effort to wow your viewers. Our licensed pilots take every precaution when taking these drone shots. We do this by first surveying the area, getting permissions when needed, and usually picking a time and day when there is the least amount of foot traffic. Call us today for a free consultation at 678-542-4394